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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

I opened the Oasis wellness center in December of 2020. Was it the smartest thing to do? Probably not but I felt it was something I need to do.

Let me first give a little background about myself and what brought me to this venture in my life. I went to college and have an MBA. I am twice divorced and am a single mom of 5 amazing kids (as of today they are 22, 21, 18, 16 and 9). I've gone from being a stay at home mom, to working part time at banks and teaching business courses at local colleges in Western PA to working full time in management positions. When I took a job transfer to SC, my oldest had already moved to Los Angeles, CA and my daughter was heading off to college. The other two kids were in high school weren't quite thrilled with the move (my youngest was only 6 and didn't know any better). They were going from a high school with 2500 kids to one with only 800. There were many struggles between the move, having a child struggling with depression, adhd and bi polar, and then Covid.

For years, I've always wanted to start my own business and had looked into a multitude of ideas. Up until recently, none of my ideas ever felt right or came together. I decided at one point I would like to be a life coach and became certified as a health and life coach in the spring of 2020. With added knowledge of being certified as a coach, I decided to look into alternative forms of therapy for depression and anxiety. Something that kept coming up was the benefits of floating and infrared saunas. There were no float pods or chambers near PAWLEYS ISLAND, so I decided to make it happen.

It's been quite the journey and overall everything continues to come together. I have had amazing people help me along the way!

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